Tebow Impossible To Hate

By: Steve Silverthorne

If you somehow still hate Tim Tebow watch this video of him mic’d up this past weekend against the Chicago Bears and it will change your mind.  He is seriously the smartest guy around.  Maybe not smart in a Tom Brady kind of way, but the smartest motivator for sure.  This clip of Tebow from last weekend is awesome.  It shows them trailing by 10 to the Bears with 4:34 left on the clock.  Tebow keeps everyone’s heads up and even tells Demaryuis Thomas to keep his head up after he missed a catch, because he’s about to catch the game winner.  It shows the quarterback singing gospel music in pregame warm ups, and possibly the funniest part of the video is after Marion Barer fumbled the ball in overtime and Tebow is making his way back onto the field.  You can faintly hear him singing while walking back onto the field to engineer the game winning drive “You came from heaven to earth.” Tebow is a beast! The link is below.


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