Silent Night Game

Of all the incredible traditions in college basketball, Taylor University’s annual “Silent Night” has to be one of the most original.

The gym packed with tons of students, staff and family remain dead silent in the stands until Taylor’s team scored their 10th point. After this 10th point is scored the stands erupt screaming, cheering, and yelling as if they had just won the national championship. The coach of Taylor’s team states that threr is so much pressure on the players to score those first 10 points due to the uniquenesss of the silence.

Taylor hosts the “Silent Night” game every year on the Friday before fall semester finals week begins. Students afterward attend a campus wide Christmas party where they eat cookies, listen to the school president read a Christmas story, compete in gingerbread house and cookie-decorating competitions, and watch kids from the community tell Santa what gifts they want.

This has become one of the athletic departments biggest events due to the amount of participation from the students. It has become one if the things that is considered a “cannot miss event”. In past years students have dressed up in costumes to further make the night special and more fun.

In the waning moments of the victory, the entire Taylor crowd stood and sang the Christmas song “Silent Night” unison.

It may not be as big of a game as Duke-Maryland or North Carolina rivalries but as far as traditions go it doesn’t get much better than this.


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