Does Tebow Have A Shot At MVP?

By: Steve Silverthorne

The legend of Tim Tebow continues to grow.   For three quarters in last Sundays win, Tebow was awful, completing just 3 of 16 passes with an interception.  However, once that fourth quarter hits, Tebow becomes magical.  In the fourth quarter and overtime, Tebow
was 18 of 24 for 191 yards and a touchdown as the Broncos stormed back to beat
the Bears 13-10.  The win gave the Broncos a one game lead in the AFC West,
while effectively driving a stake into the Bears playoff hopes.

Aaron Rodgers has gotten most of the MVP hype and deservedly so.  The Packers rolled Oakland today and improved to 13-0.  Green Bay is running like a well-oiled machine, so it
will be shocking if he is not named the MVP.  However, does Tebow have a
legitimate chance to win the MVP?

The Broncos are 7-1 with him starting after starting 1-4 without him.  The team believes in him and that might be his biggest asset.  The defense looked uninspired with Kyle Orton leading the way. With Tebow, they have turned into a ferocious unit, led by defensive ends Elvis Dumervil and probable Defensive Rookie of the Year Von Miller.

Tebow certainly didn’t win Sunday’s game by himself.  Matt Prater nailed two 50+ yard field goals and the defense came up with a huge fumble with the Bears driving in overtime.  However, the team has shown no quit with Tebow as the leader.  The running game has improved immensely with Willis McGahee and Tebow running the option, while Tebow is making the throws when they count.

Remember, the MVP race has nothing to do with who is the best player.  Aaron Rodgers would destroy Tebow in almost any quarterbacking competition.  That doesn’t mean Tebow isn’t a MVP candidate.  The Packers would probably be a playoff team with Matt Flynn leading the way.  The Broncos were obviously not with QBs not named Tebow.

I’ve been a big Tebow hater, but I’m coming around.  Tebow won’t win the MVP, but he should secure some votes.  The V stands for valuable and Tebow has certainly shown he’s one of the most valuable players in the league.

One Response to “Does Tebow Have A Shot At MVP?”

  1. yarney26 says:

    Tim Tebow is a stud and quite frankly a winner. He will do anything for his team to win, but his statistics dont match up with an MVP season. Everyone doubts him and his ability, but one day he will be that player that the broncos and the NFL is looking for. He has all the right tools to be a great role model, but he needs time for him to mold into that MVP caliber type player