Leaving College Early for Pro Career

Oregon running back has decided to forgo his senior season to begin his career as an NFL running back, sources say. He was a Heisman Trophy finalist his sophomore year and had another successful season this year.

LaMichael James

Many athletes that play college football and basketball decide to leave college early to begin their professional careers. I personally have no problem with athletes leaving school early, especially if they skilled enough and are in line to make millions of dollars through their contracts and endorsement deals. However, it is nice to see athletes who go back to school to get their degree. I agree with the NFL and NCAA rules for college football players having to stay in school for at least two years. College basketball players only have to be out of high school for one year. I believe this disrupts college basketball with too many “one-and-done” players. Players should be able to go pro right out of high school or have to stay in school at least two years like football. The NCAA should consider changes.

One Response to “Leaving College Early for Pro Career”

  1. cheyenne narbe says:

    do u have to be smart to be a pro football player?