Ryan Braun tests positive for PEDs

Now what? With Ryan Braun, the 2011 NL MVP, testing positive for PEDs before he officially has received the award what happens now? I know the drug policy in the MLB is set up so that a formal announcement cannot be released until the the player is given a chance to prove their innocence if they want to, but regardless of that fact Ryan Braun’s image has been severely tainted and it will be very difficult for him to overcome that.  There is a slight possibility that Braun will be able to win the appeal he put into the MLBs arbitrator according to his Player’s Union, but if the more probable outcome, of the test being valid, occurs than we will have a couple different views about the MLBs drug policy.

The first view that many people will side with is that the new drug policy is really working and its not afraid to go after one of the bigger names in the game, even a player that Bud Selig has even said in the past, is good example of how baseball has been cleaned up.  The next view is that the drugs are still prevalent in todays game and the drug policy has not had much effect on cleaning up the game.  Since Braun was a Rookie of the Year, is a constant fixture at the All-Star game, and now an MVP.  It shows that PEDs are still prevalent in even the most successful of players and what makes people think that they are not being used by other of the upper tier of players.

We will find out soon if the test is considered valid, and if it is we will soon debate the effectiveness of the MLBs drug policy.

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