Bubble Wrapped Future Players

I can’t speak for the sports I havn’t played in but it seems like the regulations for “safe play and safety gear” is getting a bit extensive. I feel as though eventually we will come to players running around with the football gear while playing field hockey. As I played field hockey throughout my high school years the rules changed to make the game “more safe”. My freshman year we could wear any  kind of mouth guard we wanted, by my sophomore year we had to have colored ones that stayed completely in our mouth with no parts sticking out. The shin guards even got bigger and bigger. I wore eye goggles through my years even though they weren’t forced but now they are mandatory for all players in that league. Field hockey, to me, should be a rough sport… I little hip check got me a yellow card my senior year. Softball is even worse, absolutely any contact can be considered obstruction for either the runner or the player. There are so many silly rules, but of course they change throughout the leagues. In the last softball tournament I played in there we no metal cleats aloud, all head gear (soft fabric hair bands) had to match colors on the team, no yellow on the jersey, no jewelry, and no hats/visors. The rules go on and on for softball, all we want to do is play a simple game of softball and the rules make it so safe that it takes away from the game. The rule book for the softball world series is as big as the bible, why do we need so many rules. Will the future sports of tomorrow be so simplified that we lose sight of what the game is really about?

One Response to “Bubble Wrapped Future Players”

  1. tscott3 says:

    I think it is ridiculous of how they are babying sports. Sports are supposed to be tough and brutally. Injuries are supposed to be common and if u don’t have bruises you didn’t play well enough. I understand how they are trying to prevent concussions and big injuries but why can’t we just coach players how to play correctly instead of making players dressing up in gear that makes them look like marshmallows.