Belichick Not Giving Broncos Any Extra Motivation For Sundays Game

By: Steve Silverthorne

In recent weeks, opposing teams have been doing their best to try and belittle what the Broncos had going with Tim Tebow. From calling him a running back to saying the offense was ‘crap’, the intimidation game, or simple lack of respect, has been running
rampant from Broncos opponents.

Don’t expect the New England Patriots  to fall for it.

“Obviously, the Broncos are doing a good job of playing complementary football — offense, defense and special teams, “Belichick said. “They’ve made some key plays when they had to … its good team play and Tim has done a great job for them in the running game, handling the offense, throwing the ball, getting the ball down the field, also taking what
the defense has given them.” That’s right, complementary football was mentioned.

Belichick also was quick to squelch any talk of Tebow’s perceived inconsistent throwing motion. “I don’t agree with any of that.  He’s got some very good throws. As good as anybody you want to put in there.” Of course, it wouldn’t be Belichick without a question, and answer, from the world of the obvious.  When asked about the thin air in Denver, Belichick was quick to respond. “Both teams will be breathing the same air.”

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