Why Dallas Can Never Seal The Deal?!

This is more of a question, than a statement. Why can Dallas never close a game, ecspecially when it is one as big as the one yesterday. I feel like the put themselves in perfect situations to win the game and than when everybody thinks they have it in the bag they say, “how can we piss our fans off and make them want to kill themselves.” I mean Tony Romo has his reciever WIDE open 20 yards down the field, and if he completes the pass its a touchdown. He had played great the whole game! Throwing for over 300 yards, 4 tds, and having a passer rating of 141.3. But for some reason when all he has to do is hit his WIDE oper reciever, he overthrows him! Which than leads to Giants scoring and taking the lead. Which than leads to us marching down the field and once again getting our hopes up that we will win. But Dallas never lets you down. With 6 seconds left we kick the game tying fieldgoal from 47 yards out. Keep in mind that we kicked two 49 yard fieldgoals earlier in the game without any problems. On this kick though we decided to take a play off and let one of their linemen block the kick. So once again I ask, Why does Dallas never seal the deal?blocked

2 Responses to “Why Dallas Can Never Seal The Deal?!”

  1. lizking17 says:

    Maybe its because……..THE GIANTS ARE THE BEST AND THEY ARE GOING TO WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S: Eli Manning is a beast! He knows how to make a comeback! You need a bigger lead than that to stop the Giants =)

  2. tscott3 says:

    I think they are cursed. They are such a good team I don’t know why they can’t hold it out and win.