Does the NFL Protect Star Players?

On Sunday week 14 of the NFL season Linebacker London Fletcher was called for unnecessary roughness on his hit of Tom Brady. Tom Brady appeared to go into his slide late and was fair game for London Fletcher to tackle. The call on the field was that Fletcher made contact with his forearm on Tom Brady’s helmet but on the video replay there was no evidence of Fletcher’s forearm hitting Brady’s helmet. Was this just a missed call or do the officials give preferential treatment to star players like Brady and protect them?

Here is the video of the hit on Brady.


One Response to “Does the NFL Protect Star Players?”

  1. dfarinet says:

    I agree with the statement that Refs call certain calls for surtain players. I knew that was a bad call when I watched it live. I didn’t need it to be slowed down to see that the ref had made a bad call. When refs see certain players like Brady leaving the pocket I think they already have their minds made up about what will happen. Either he slides and recieves no contact, or there will be a flag thrown. I wrote a paper about this earlier in the year, about how players were protected far much more than they were back in the day. I see why they do it but they make it so unfair for the defense. Plays like the one above should always be in favor of the defence, because every other time there in the favor of the offense. Or to be more specific, the quarterback.