Lakers Out of Chris Paul Talks

Now on to Dwight Howard…Lets hope the NBA doesn’t cry about this one

2 Responses to “Lakers Out of Chris Paul Talks”

  1. mbake12 says:

    I think Chris Paul to the Clippers is a better choice in my opinion Blake Griffin last years MVP could use a solid 15 and 10 point guard. As for Dwight going to the Lakers, I don’t think Kobe and another superstar is a good idea. Think of what happened with Shaq and Kobe. Of course they one three rings but that was when Kobe was in his prime and Shaq too. I think that Kobe is trying to get his right now and with the way Dwight Howard’s game is he needs touches. In Orlando last year there were too many times where Dwight didn’t touch the ball as he wanted to and he expressed it vocally through the media. If this happens in Orlando why go somewhere where there is already a superstar present? But too each it’s own. The NBA will be interesting with all of the big moves made this off-season. MIAMI BABBBBBYYYYYY!!!!!!

  2. dfarinet says:

    I think it’s better that they don’t get Paul and focus on Dwight. I think a big man is more essential in the offense they run in LA. They have also had experience with great big men. First Shaq, than Gasol and Bynum. Although it wouldn’t hurt if they got Paul but I think Dwight is a better pick up.