College Spending on Sports

Brendan Prin and Chris Favoli

According to, public university’s will charge on average $8,244 in tuition and fees to instate students and  $12,526 for out of state students. For private university’s it is on average $28,500 for tuition. After a report was released in USA Today about D1-A sports funding from tuition it was accumulated I totaled up the numbers and found that approximately 5.33% of a students tuition will go to the athletic department. That is about $439.68 of instate public school students tuition tallying up around $3,517.44 dollars in 4 years, $667.64 of out of state public school students tuition tallying up to be around $5,341.12 in 4 years, and $1,519.05 of private schools students tuition tallying up to be around $12,152.40 in 4 years. Some schools were absent from the list because they were not sure what percentage they do not have a set amount of tuition per person to go to athletic funding. I think this is a bit much considering the amount schools are taking from students compared to the entire student body. For example the University of Maryland College Park has almost 27,000 undergrad students that means they are making $11,871,360 in one semester of tuition and $23,742,720 in one year. This will pay off all coaches, equipment, staff for the fields, food, etc. But yet that still seems very considering they are also receiving money from boosters and other sources. I do believe that schools should charge a percentage that goes to the athletic department but I do not believe that this much is necessary.

One Response to “College Spending on Sports”

  1. tscott3 says:

    You would think that the schools take enough money from students as it is and that athletic revenues would make enough money for themselves. I have no right to say they are taking too much money but from what I can see it seems as if that is so.