Tebow Time

Everyone has doubted Tim Tebow his whole life. People told him he’d never win a state championship in high school or be a Divison I quarterback. Once proving his critics wrong and becoming the starting quarterback at the University of Florida, people said he’d never win the heisman or a national championship. Once again, he proved everyone wrong. Now his haters say he can’t be a successful starting quarterback in the NFL. Tebow is now doing so with a record this year of 5-1. What will his haters say next? He can’t win a super bowl? Tebow has been proving people wrong his whole life, at this point he seems like he’s capable of anything. He relies on the lord and a hard working attitude, and so far it has produced wins, which makes it easy to overlook his mediocre stat line. Last season, Buccaneers head coach, Raheem Morris stated, “stats are for losers.” I’d say I’d have to agree with this statement, Tebow backs it pretty well. People can complain about his throwing motion, but the guy keeps winning..

Game Winning Touchdown vs. Jets

6 Responses to “Tebow Time”

  1. tscott3 says:

    Tebow is a true inspiration and I’m proud that he is one of my little brothers role models. If everyone had a little dedication and faith like Tebow does the world would be a much happier and better place. He is such an amazing player and I hope he continues to do well.

  2. jrudman says:

    The best part about Tim Tebow is not that he has orchestrated some of the most improbable comebacks since he has been named the starter for the Broncos. Its not his faith and his dedication. It is not ability the overcome the odds of him making it to the NFL and becoming a starting quarterback. The best part about Tim Tebow is his humility and is modesty. After there most recent victory over the bears Tebow was asked whether in the 4th quarter it became “Tebow Time.” His reply was that there is no “Tebow Time” in the 4th quarter, that it just becomes “Bronco Time.” With the whole world talking about Tim Tebow and everything he does or does not do, there is just one person who is not talking about Time Tebow, and that person is Tim Tebow. When you are one of the biggest sports stories of the year and even in a long time, it would be easy to fall into yourself and talk about it. But Tebow refuses to do this and passes his accomplishments off onto his team and his teammates. That is the best part about Tim Tebow.

  3. dfarinet says:

    Than don’t come any better than Tebow. Not only does he have the determination and desire to consistantly get better and win, he is a great guy. He’s the exact player you want leading your team. He sets a good example off and on the field. No Tebow hasn’t been putting up the numbers that all of his credicts would like to see but he’s winning. On top of that he is still a young player with much to learn and progress on. He has to learn the speed of the game, what passes he can and can’t throw, when to run and when to throw the ball away. As long as he keeps learning and keeps slowly but surely getting better, I believe that Denver fans have something to look forward to over the years to come.

  4. mbake12 says:

    Phil 4:13 … Tebow is a classic example of hard work, dedication, and having faith.

  5. mbabineau says:

    Tim Tebow is making a case for MVP of the NFL, the Broncos before Tebow started were 1-4 now they are 7-5 and in first place of the AFC West. Yes he is not as good of a throwing QB as Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers but he gets the win anyway. Tebow knows how to win and he inspires and motivates his teammates to get him that win. The face that Tebow can make wins out of the poor throwing stats he has is impressive.

  6. bchitty says:

    I agree; people just need to stop hating on Tebow, he’s great and he’s only going to get better. Everyone has their own style and Tim’s is one of a kind. He’s a young QB and he already has a decent record not to mention he’s not afraid to state who he is on and off the field.