End Zone Celebrations

Many players in the NFL have been known for their “end zone antics” throughout their career. Terrel Owens, Steve Smith, and Chad Ochocinco have been apart of the most memorable celebrations to date. After many celebrations getting out of hand, Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner put new rules into place banning props and incorporating teammates into a celebration . Immediately players began to get flagged for excessive celebrations. Goodell also began fining players to put a real hold on the excessive celebrating.

Memorable Celebrations

This Sunday, WR Steve Johnson of the Buffalo Bills added himself to the list of creative celebrators. After scoring a touchdown with 2:06 left in the first half to put the Bills up 14-7, Johnson pretended to shoot himself in the leg, which mocked Plaxico Burress and how he shot himself in the leg at a New York night club many years ago. Steve apologized after the game and Plaxico accepted. Plaxico said that he had exchanged many words with the Bills reciever and they have an understanding that Steve made a mistake.

Steve Johnson Celebration

Many of these celebrations by NFL players are very entertaining, yet at the same time they are a result of immaturity among young athletes. They often penalize themselves and their team. Some situations result in a lot of embarrassment. These players represent themselves, their teams, their coaches, and their franchise and these athletes disrespect all of those around them just by acting foolishly for a couple seconds. Don’t get me wrong, not all celebrations are uncalled for, many liven up the game and are great to see on Sundays. But celebrations like Johnson contain more immaturity than humor and should never happen in the first place. Sources say he should expect a fine later this week. Many other athletes have learned from their mistakes, hopefully Steve Johnson can do the same.

4 Responses to “End Zone Celebrations”

  1. tscott3 says:

    Touch down celebrations can change a game. If your team is losing and you finally get a touchdown it gets everyone up, its a game changer. The celebration is part of that. It gets the player excited and motivated. It also gives the crowd a little more entertainment. Its pure fun and along as they aren’t rubbing it in the other teams face it should be fine and acceptable.

  2. mbake12 says:

    I think that it is pretty ridiculous that players get fined for celebrations. I feel that as long as the celebrations are not vulgar or degrading in any type of way it should be anything goes. These are entertainers, these are athletes let them do their job. We watch the game of football to see spectacular plays, catches, runs, and TOUCHDOWNS. If a player is accomplishing something that isn’t accomplished by every player every game let them celebrate let them do their job and entertain.

  3. cdrewfalls says:

    The fines are pocket change to a group of men who start as rookies making, at minimum, $310,000. There will be celebrations, and in some cases these celebrations are deserved. Limiting the props used in celebrations and overall amount of time these elaborate shows take are a safe procaution.

  4. awitmer says:



    These two videos are of some of the most original, creative and maybe even uncalled for celebration dances after touchdowns. Some of these to me are a bit ridiculous but they are funny and is for the entertainment of the audience and fans. Some players even get fined for the dances they do but it looks to me like that doesn’t stop them from continuing to do them afterwards.