NBA Lockout Comes to an End

Early this morning the NBA and its players resolved the lockout issue. They are reopening their 4 billion a year business starting on Christmas Day. This will be a 66 game season and after the second longest lockout in the leagues history. In almost every account the deal is favored towards the owners. The players reduced their income up to $300 million a year in salaries. This is expected to be a 10 year deal which is the longest in NBA history. Training camps and free agency will both open on December 9th giving the teams two weeks to prepare for the season. The three games that are scheduled to be played on Christmas are the Boston Celtics at the Knicks, followed by the Miami Heat at the Dallas Mavericks and the Chicago Bulls at the Los Angeles Lakers. The rest of the schedule will be reconstructed and released in the coming days. The season was shortened by 16 games and will be the second shortest in the modern era. The playoffs and finals will be pushed back. Though much needs to be done before the players take the court, there is still much to be negotiated.

Tentative Deal Reached

One Response to “NBA Lockout Comes to an End”

  1. gabymn says:

    If you ask me, reducing the player’s income to $300 million does not make me pity them, but rather question the ethical standpoint of associating millions of dollars to nationwide sports when there are issues that scream for help. No matter what people tell you about how trivial money is, it’s the solution to so many problems. There’s really nothing that can be done about it.