Weight Room Giggles

Turning past the girly part of the gym at UMW, past the soda
machines, which are ironically places due to the fact that one soda a day for a
year is equivalent to 15 pound of body fat, the increasingly growing sound of
testosterone at work creeps up the stairs. Once down the first flight the sound
of clanging metal and dead life weighs cluttering to the floor echo throughout
the hallways. I walk in looking sporty with a pony tail I slung on top of my
head after changing into my sports bra and cut off shirt and a group of animal
eyes stare in unison. Automatically the pace of the room quickens, grunts are
louder, and clangs are heavier, as if to illustrate the amount of strain that
they are putting on their hard worked for bodies. It makes me giggle because
all I think when I walk into the crowded room is, “Damn it, the bars guna be
all sweaty.” It’s awkward to see the same guy who hit on you last weekend at
the party you left early, sitting beside you with the same amount of weight on
his bench bar. Ah boys. My roommate and I walked out of the weight room
laughing and wondering when they were going to bust out the rulers for the
measuring contest. Just wanted to document this observation.

One Response to “Weight Room Giggles”

  1. gabymn says:

    That’s some observation