Banned for gay acts

My older brother showed me this video on World Star Hip Hop just a couple of days before we talked in class last Tuesday, and I feel like this article goes hand in hand with what we discussed. After reading through the article and watching the video, do you agree with how this particular league handled their punishment? How would a league in the States handle this situation?

TEHRAN — Two Iranian soccer players who engaged in “inappropriate” celebratory behavior during a game broadcast on national television might be sentenced 74 public lashings on the pitch, the Iran’s Fars News Agency reported Tuesday.

Iran members of parliament, sports officials and judges have called for the “swift punishment” of Mohammad Nosrati and Sheys Rezaei, two soccer stars who play forone of Iran’s most popular clubs, Tehran-based Persepolis.

After one of their teammates scored the winning goal of a 3-2 match on Saturday, ending a long losing streak, Nosrati touched Rezaei’s butt as they and their teammates jumped on one another in celebration.

“This shameless act upset, angered, and outraged Iranian sports fans,” said cleric Jalal Yahyazadeh, who is a member of parliament. “What happened is absolutely not acceptable because it was a very ugly thing,” he added.

In Iran homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment, corporal punishment, and even execution of the accused. Some other things forbidden in Iran include spiky hair, pet dogs, Facebook, ponytails, mannequins, rap music and ties.

Football is the most popular spectator sport in Iran, although women are barred from attending matches as Iranian clerics believe allowing women to watch men in sports would lead to social catastrophe in the Iranian society.

Valiollah Hosseiny, a Tehran criminal court judge, told the Fars News Agency that the two players have committed “an act against public morality”, and that they should be sentenced to 2 month imprisonment and 74 lashes.

Iran’s soccer federation heeds the demands of the clerics. “Nosrati and Rezaei have been banned indefinitely from all football activities for committing immoral acts,” said Ismail Hasanzadeh, head of the Iranian soccer federation’s disciplinary committee, quoted on the website.

The two have also been suspended by Persepolis, a popular club financed by the government, saw their pay cut by 15%, and have to pay a fine of $500 million rials (US$40,000) each.

Iranian soccer stars say the authorities are overreacting to the latest indiscretion. Ali Parvin, a former Persepolis coach and a venerated figure in Iranian soccer, has spoken out against banning Nosrati and Rezaei, saying that officials should offer guidance to the players instead of punishing them.

“Come and execute them if it relieves you,” he said sarcastically.

Former national team player Mehdi Mahdavikia said Iranian media were making a big deal out of the incident.

“When I was playing in Germany, such things happened all the time,” he said.

Saturday’s game was broadcast live to millions in Iran and the act horrified its ultra-conservative radical hardline clerics.

Here is a video clip of the act:     watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=h5sN0oTApZ0

2 Responses to “Banned for gay acts”

  1. tscott3 says:

    I dont understand their culture at all. To me it seems like a bunch of scared men who are afraid of women and homosexuality and make these idiotic rules to make them seem tough. Newsflash you just seem like an ass. Their prejudice ways are childish and the way they treat their women disgust me. I don’t see why that has to be punishable. Football players slap each others butts all the time. Yes grabbing it is a bit weird but if thats how they like it let it be.

  2. gabymn says:

    Being raised in the states means that I’ve been exposed to hundreds of cultures, as well as the upbringing to judge one based on the contents of their being rather than their outward appearances or orientation. Understanding the standpoint of the Iranians on their prejudice against homosexuals may seem wrong to me, but plausible for them. I guess it’s a matter of cultural differences, like you said about how women are not permitted to watch men play football. While I agree the act was a little crude, I disagree with the actions that the judge wants to carry on with the men and their disapproval with homosexuals. Personally, the last thing I would want to do is to stick my hand up someone’s sweaty rear end during a soccer game…