Sh!t Talking in Sports

With last nights game of the Jets v. Patriots, it had me thinking why do teams talk smack to one another, especially when this is a rivalry game.  It would be incredible if sports were played without smack talk and just by pure talent, but that would be asking for way too much.  Ever since Rex Ryan became head coach of the Jets he made sure that he would get into Bill Belichicks head and use any means to do it.  Last year when they lost by 40 points he told the press it was luck….pretty bold from a coach who just got spanked on national television.  On the other hand Pretty Boy Tom Brady complains and says they hold too much, talk to much, Rex Ryan isn’t that good of a coach.  While his teammate Wes Welker took it too a new level by calling out Rex Ryan with his apparent foot fetish as seen in this video:

This is definitely something to watch out for because even though Rex is boisterous and lavish with his comments, Bill is known for his sly and quite statements.  These two teams have so much hate that sometimes I feel the game is being played outside the lines and in the media instead.  No one seems to let their game speak for themselves anymore and that’s why I feel shit talking is funny but at the end of the day overrated.

3 Responses to “Sh!t Talking in Sports”

  1. dfarinet says:

    Talking stuff in sports is more than showing your emotions and letting the opposing team know what their in for. It’s a lifestyle to some people, it’s a way of strategy. I agree that people who talk stuff just to be big and bad is pointless, but the players who actually know how to use it and get in opposing players heads is amazing. Larry Bird use to do quite a bit of smack talking, but he used it as a strategy. He would tell who ever was guarding him exactly what he was about to do, and than do it. He would let them know exactly where he was going to shoot from, and than shoot from that exact spot. He would get inside of his defenders head and make them think so much. This is smack talking at its finest, this is when I think it’s properly used.

  2. gabymn says:

    Human behavior of players during sporting events remind me of the cut throat competition within the wild, which naturally selects the most advantaged trait that best survives the environment. Like in football for example, trash talking triggers competition, adrenaline, and a desire to be the best. Trash talking is fast and to the point – you’re nothing, you’re despicable, you’re unworthy. Its presence will never leave because it’s inevitable to say that no player on a professional playing field will want to give any mercy to the opposing team when it comes to playing their own game.

  3. mbake12 says:

    Talking in sports adds an extra level of competitiveness to the game being played. When certain players get into to a talking match during a game you see them compete harder to show who is better and who will win the battle. You can see trash talking after a great hit in football, a dunk on a player in basketball, or a pitcher hitting a player in baseball. Some athletes are known for simply known for talking trash and getting into players heads. Such as Ron Artest who is known for fighting, talking, and getting into the other players’ heads. I think in a way trash talking is good for the game in a sense.