The Pats Trim The Fat

The Patriots have finally wised up and cut Albert Haynesworth after only half a year with the team.  Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald tweeted this about an hour ago.  The defensive tackle has played in just six games and recorded only 3 tackles this year.  The Patriots acquired Haynewsworth from Washington for a 5th round pick this past summer.  Haynesworth only played in eight games for the Redskins and recorded just 16 tackles.  I think it’s safe to say T.O. has a better chance to find a new team than Haynesworth does.  They both cause problems in the locker room, but at least T.O. can put up some half decent numbers.  I could go out and trip a few people up and record 3 damn tackles.

Now you can see why the Redskins got rid of him. He’s simply useless and causes too many problems off of the field

Go Skins!!

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