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Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Even though I am not too much of a baseball fan, following these last few weeks of baseball on ESPN’s Sportscenter has been thrilling, especially in the American League. Ending the season with 3 teams fighting for a wild card spot was entertaining. Now 3 out of the 4 games are all tied at 2-2 its great! My picks for the games will be the Detroit Tigers, Milwaukee Brewers, and St. Louis Cardinals. Who do you all have winning?

For those who don’t follow baseball or if you just want to see how interesting the playoffs have been click the link below.

Rudy: Fact or Fiction

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Brendan Prin and Chris Favoli

When we were watching Rudy in class today, it brought back a news heading within the last year involving the movie and specifically changes Hollywood made to make it more entertaining to it’s audiences. Joe Montana, who played for Notre Dame alongside Daniel Ruttiger, was a Freshmen when the famous carrying him off the field happened. He said, “Montana said on The Dan Patrick Show that no one was chanting Rudy’s name during the final game of Ruettiger’s Notre Dame career . . . when his teammates famously carried Ruettiger off the field on their shoulders, it was more of a goof on their diminutive teammate than anything else. ‘I won’t say it was a joke, but it was playing around,’ said Montana. When this came out though, a few players spoke up in defense of the truly inspirational story. Jay Achterhoff, who was involved in the legendary sack at the end of the movie saying that 98% was true and that he was disappointed that Joe Montana would not be more supportive of him. There’s is no doubt in my mind that stories of this sort will defer, but it is just odd about why Joe Montana who as a Freshmen was not even a loud to dress for games according to NCAA Regulations at the time would come out with such accusations about the story. Who is more likely to believe? If Jay Achterhoff is correct then maybe Hollywood did not change the historic events to make them seem more heroic. But if Joe Montana is correct then does it completely eliminate the possibility of David vs. Goliath? What are your opinion on Joe Montana’s allegations?


Super. Sunshine. Saber. Sports.

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

When I think of sports I think of a familiarity, a connection, and family. I remember the teams I’ve played with and the people that gratefully stepped into (and out of) my life. I can remember the days where I would sit on the couch with my brother back when he was in high school watching football with my dad. There were moments in my life where all I needed was to go to practice and to see these faces that had the power to make me all warm and fuzzy. As I was sitting here contemplating on what to write about, what current issues lay unwritten, I couldn’t help but think about how much I miss everything affiliated with sports before I entered college. I should really start reacquainting myself with both my dad and business brother like the good ol’ days. A penny for my thoughts, I guess…

How Far is Too Far?

Sunday, October 2nd, 2011

The rivalries are obvious in the sports teams of today but exactly what actions are considered “carried away” and what is just “joking around”? All sports have their rivals whether it be a high school like Louisa rivaling Orange to Ohio State rivaling against Michigan State to the long-lasting rivalry of the Cowgirls and the Deadskins. Are these rivals worth losing a relationship? I’ve met people who absolutely will not date someone that roots for the rival of their team. Its not as if they have a different set of morals or way of life due to who they cheer on so why would it be such a huge deal to have a different team to support? I think its all in good fun to poke at the opposing rival when they lose or make a silly play but holding a person to a different standard based on what their team is isn’t really logical.

People scream and get in fights over these rivals that have been going on for years, how could it mean so much that you’d get in a fight over it. Did something personally hurt you that the other team did that makes you want to beat someone to a pulp that cheers for them? I understand a little rivalry and bouncing back and forth with insults, I do it all the time in my house and with my boyfriend, but to provoke violence from something so simple as a little competition is just a little silly.               (Cowboy&Redskin rival video)

LeBron James Needs to Shift His Focus

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

LeBron James received some praise back in August for working with NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon to fine tune his post game. And by fine tune, I mean start to develop one in the first place. The fact that James, a 6 foot 8 inch, 250 pound forward, is entering his eighth season and hasn’t worked on that part of his game to a point where he has three or four go-to post moves when opponents try to defend him with smaller players is a travesty. The idea that the public would praise James for beginning to work on something that he should have started to do seven years earlier is laughable.

The problem with King James is that he’s too busy trying to expand his brand overseas, work to become a global icon and billionaire, and isn’t focusing enough on basketball. This isn’t coming from a LeBron hater, as I have constantly defended James and the vitriol that the public now has for him. I think he had the right to go to Miami, he just did it the wrong way. I don’t think his decision to team up with Wade and Bosh is any different than Jordan playing with Pippen and Rodman or West playing with Baylor and Chamberlain. And while I think his no-shows in crunch time of these last NBA Finals against the Mavericks were certainly head scratching, they don’t define him. This is the guy who dominated the Pistons back in 2007, scoring Cleveland’s final 25 points and 29 of their last 30 in a comeback win. This is the man who hit a ridiculous game winner in the 2009 playoffs against Orlando. And this is the same player who everyone praised for his performance just last year at the end of postseason games against Boston and Chicago.

But while I defend LeBron in some aspects, I’ll still criticize him where he deserves it. The fact is that James treats himself like a brand first and a basketball player second. He seems to forget that the brand matters because of who he is on the court. It’s fine if LBJ travels to Japan to promote himself and Nike, if he works on commercials to sell shoes and t-shirts and increase his public image. The only time those things become problems is when they come over basketball. I watched LeBron grow from his first season to his third, but I’ve seen very little growth after that.

He is still a splendid passer, a forceful slasher, a good ball-handler, and a defensive marvel. But my concerns with James are with his moves. What is his go-to? Jordan had the fade away. Kareem had the sky hook. Hakeem had the “Dream Shake.” Duncan has the bank shot. Shaq had the most unstoppable drop step. What is LeBron’s move? Lower is head and try to barrel everyone over and get to the basket? That’s not a move. His free throw shooting, something that almost everyone attests is more mental than anything, is still in the mid-70’s. His outside shooting, though it improved slightly last season, is still streaky. And his mid-range game is as non-existent as his post game.

There is no excuse for LeBron failing to have any semblance of a repertoire of moves. The fact that James was guarded by JJ Barea in the NBA Finals is embarrassing. LeBron tried to take Barea in the post, and got called for a charge and then had some horrendous attempted post moves. That should be a strength, not a glaring weakness that shouts “I HAVEN’T WORKED ON THIS AT ALL!” So it’s time for James to get to work, because we’ve seen how good he can be, and to be honest he hasn’t worked nearly as hard as he should have to this point in his career. You can say I’m judging him without really knowing, but I look at Kobe Bryant and see a guy who has worked. He completely transformed his game last year, backing guys down a lot ala Jordan in his later years to make up for his loss of explosion and quickness. That’s something LeBron should have been developing from day one yet he still doesn’t have it yet. Time to get to work LBJ, or it won’t be two, or three, or four, or five, or six, or seven championships…it will be zero.