Unexpected Effects of Title IX: Men Playing on Women’s Teams

Stereotypical, when people mention Title IX, we immediately think of the increased funding and opportunities for female athlete, but what we don’t think about is the literal meaning of the regulation.  What the  ruling really calls for is equal opportunities for the sexes.  Since female athletes are the most commonly underprivileged, they are normally seen as the only benefactors of Title IX.  If you’re thinking this, like I did, think again!

I recently discovered that there are a few male athletes currently reaping the benefits of these new laws of equality.  Field hockey is a predominately female sport, and I have been unable to find any male team, which seems to be the problem for many male enthusiasts of the sport as well.  Therefore, men have been joining women’s field hockey teams in both high school and college.

Many people argue that having men on the team is an unfair advantage, much like the issue of trans gender athletes, but they have not been able to come up with any instance where it can be proven illegal.  As a matter of fact, then men on these teams are perfectly within their rights according to Title IX, because the schools have not provided a male team for them to compete on.  In order to comply with the laws of equal opportunity, these men have to be allowed to tryout for these teams and play if they make the cut.

One Response to “Unexpected Effects of Title IX: Men Playing on Women’s Teams”

  1. gabymn says:

    I was so happy to see a post on Field Hockey. Unless you only meant to try and find high school and college men teams, I remember at one point watching the United State’s national men’s team and thinking how amazing and flawless they looked on the field. With many sports out there that are available for men to join, the option of resorting to join a women’s team is slim picking. However I don’t feel resentful or disappointed that there isn’t an increase in men wanting to join a primarily female team, but they have my full acceptance if I ever come across a man wanting to try out for a women field hockey team. Actually, at my high school up in Fairfax County, there were two guys that tried out for the Field Hockey team as a joke and ended up falling in love with the sport. They were amazing! They chose not to play for the team, but they followed us around to games as much as they could.