Horse Murders and Money

So this afternoon my friend walked into my room in her equestrian boots. Being a rider, she was frustrated with the horses, with the people, and with the sport. It occurred to me that besides from learning how to say equestrian in French four years ago and glimpsing a couple seconds of the Derby one year, I didn’t know much about horseback riding at all. I knew nothing but what Seabiscuit taught me.

I looked up controversies within the equestrian sport the instant she was gone and up popped horse murders. With my mind blown away, I found out it was a controversy within the late 1970s that revolved around an insurance fraud. The best of the best horses in the league were insured for death or wrong-doing. You would think that’d be a good thing. Instead, many owners took this as an excuse to kill their horse(s) and gather the insurance money. It stretched so far beyond the boundaries of money that a woman was murdered to prevent her from ratting the horse owners of any crime. Now what’s so paralleling about this controversy is that it relates to so many issues to this day in the world of sports.

It has all to do with ethics and money.

Money is power, or so that’s what many of us think today. Money holds opportunity and success. It’s a number that has the ability to label people into classes and cliques. It causes addiction and superficial impulses, as well as greed and envy. Money just seems to hold so many problems and unfortunately overshadowing all the good it brings to the world as well. In sports money is a big deal. It’s so big that people would do just about anything to get it. Whether it’s creating a plot to win big at the betting office or to kill horses. Money can manipulate the greatest of men to do crazy things.

In some instances, money is portrayed as bigger than the sport. Is that what sports come down to today?


One Response to “Horse Murders and Money”

  1. tscott3 says:

    This is horrible. I completely understand putting down an animal when they are injured and there is nothing that can be done for them to prevent them from suffering but for money? What is this world coming to? Money shouldn’t be abused and used for power.