Men Coaching Women

In a lot of sports, or at least every sports team that i have ever been on the coach is male. Im not sure if its because men are more successful or if coaching is seen more as a mans job. In women’s sports a male coach is something that makes sense competitively, but not necessarily emotionally. Women’s emotions play a large role in performance and coachability. I wonder how much a coach has to change his style or if he has to go to a different type of coaching academy to be licensed just so he can coach women.

Many of my coaches talk about how sometimes they wish we would play like guys or make comparisons to male athletes and the differences that they see between style of play. Men do this or men do that why can’t you play more like them. The same goes for criticism, a coach can’t criticize a female athlete in the same ways he can a male athlete, cursing and even yelling won’t have the same effect.

Female athletes are constantly pushing for equality in play, but when they are shown it in certain aspects they set themselves back by not being able to handle to the same degree that male athletes do.

One Response to “Men Coaching Women”

  1. cdrewfalls says:

    We must have been shown a different style of coaching technique. My coaches never once shielded us from cussing or yelling or running until we threw up. He never compared us to the boys team, we scrimmaged them. The only comparison that was made between boys and girls was the smell of the locker room. If we needed to be cussed at, we were. However we finished every practice and game in the locker room with a prayer. I do see your point behind the differences in coaching, I doubt any boy ever got out of practice due to cramps. So a male coaching females does have to be considerate to the fact that we are women athletes, with women issues. Besides that i expect him to treat me just as he would a man, minus the “ata boy” butt slap.