Let them Play

The greed today in the business that is professional sports has become so unbearable that I wonder, in twenty twenty five years is it only going to get worse? I know, this is a business and these people deal with ALOT of money and separating this money accordingly can be an even more daunting task than actually earning it. However, owners need to step away from there sense of pride that this is my team i own this franchise, and i pay these players. The only reason these owners are paid like they are is because of the fans that attend and watch these games on television, and the players for drawing those before mentioned crowds. The credit goes to the owners for selecting the right players and developing a model for a team to build into in the hope of winning a championship in that sport. Isn’t it awesome for them? If i had the opportunity to do this I’d do it for minimum wage; owning a successful sporting franchise trying to draft the right players. Granted I understand there is much about this business i know close to nothing about such as handling all the franchises money, determining ticket pricing, etc, but heck they hire people to do all that nonsense anyways right? I know these owners remember deep down why they wanted this job (or it least i hope some of them) and want to watch their team become successful continuing to grow.

What does a 3 percent difference in money made really mean to them? This is the difference being argued about in the NBA lockout. It is said that the owners offered a deal of 50-50 split in money made towards basketball, that is a 7 % decrease for the players in terms of what they made last year. The players are said to have made an offer of 53%, but the owners will not budge. Some say the owners are being greedy, some say the players, but the fact is people buy the tickets to watch the players on the floor, they turn the television on to watch John Wall, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade not some owner we’ve hardly even heard of. The players are still finding a way to compete Lebron James and Dwayne Wade each hoisting teams and playing against each other for sport, and it has actually been really good basketball. If the owners keep this up many players will start finding new homes across the country, and who can blame them for trying to keep playing the sport they love for their profession?

The owners are heading down a slippery slope; even the greedy NFL owners found a way to make a deal happen while the NBA sits on there hands waiting for someone to budge. Well keep sitting long enough, and before you know it the games biggest stars will be playing in front of beloved fans in Europe or Asia, and not think twice about it. So let them play, recognize the players significance to the owners success and it will help the players realize the owners significance in their success. That way we can all watch Kobe and Derrick Rose duke it out on Christmas day, in anticipation of another great round of NBA playoffs.

One Response to “Let them Play”

  1. awitmer says:

    I agree that the owners are being very greedy with what they would like the outcome of this lockout to be. I also think that the players need to have more of a voice in what i s going on because it concerns them as well. The players just want to play. Amar’e Stoudemire said “We want to play NBA basketball but if it doesn’t happen, what are we going to do? We can’t just sit around and not do anything. We’ve got to figure out ways now to play basketball at a high level against top competition and have fun doing it, so that’s the next step.”
    Though one of the main problems in this financial crisis is that the NBA has a soft cap unlike the NHL and the NFL. A hard cap would not allow circumstances where teams are able to exceed the salary cap. This is something that the league should look more into because I believe that it would at least help the financial issues at hand.