Steroids in Sports

In todays culture we have scientists that have been creating different types of drugs and other supplements that are supposed to increase strength among other attributes.  But with these new and ever growing supplements comes the use by athletes.  Whether it is anabolic steroids or human growth hormones (HGH), athletes are looking for that edge that will separate them from the rest.  Since there is so much money in sports today, it makes the need for the athletes to get this edge even more valuable.

In baseball, the steroid era is by far the most widely known for the abundance of players who have been named in various reports, for example the Mitchell Report.  Mainly some very big names who were at one point first ballot Hall of Fame players who are now on the very outside looking in with most of the voters refusing to vote for any player who has been directly linked to steroid usage.  With all the various reports has brought in more extensive testing for the usage of performing enhancing drugs, but these tests still do not test for HGH in the Major League because it would require a blood test, though they have started to test for it in the Minors.  Yes, a blood test is quite evasive but if so much emphasis has been put on the “cleaning up of the game” then why not take all the necessary steps to actually do it?

Along with baseball, the NFL has had some issues with performance enhancing drugs, but if you think that the MLB’s drug policy is soft, then the NFL’s is a joke.  If you can say that barely any of the players in the NFL use steroids then you are oblivious to the situation.

This brings me to my last point, the widely overlooked NBA.  I read in an article in ESPN the Magazine or Sports Illustrated that Derrick Rose, the reigning MVP, was asked about the problem of performance enhancing drugs in the NBA.  He was asked to rate it 1-10, 10 being the most problematic.  He rated it a 9.  The idea that NBA players do not use any type of PED’s gets overlooked because fans say, “No, they are just very athletic.”  Yes they are very athletic but that does not mean that they have not gotten any help to get to that point and to think that everyone is clean, in my opinion, is rather absurd.

Jake Rudman

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