The Woman Athlete

  The woman athlete is a term that changes in the eyes and minds of others. To someone like me a woman athlete is someone who has the drive, the competitive mental composure, the skill, the luck, and the over all ability to handle all that comes along with being the best they can be. In the eyes of another they see a toned woman who is very attractive and would love to get a piece of her. Then in another’s mind they are wondering what she is doing playing a sport because it just isn’t right for a girl to do such a thing.

      As a woman athlete who plays both softball and field hockey I see all the looks people give me while I’m between playing lines in uniform and when I’m out walking around in public as well sporting an athletic apparel. I see people that respect what I do, recognize the hard work I put into my sports career, and even ask about how my games are going. Girls in lower leagues working their way up to where I am will look up to me and ask questions about how to improve their game. These people don’t see the sex of the player, they see a hard worker and a skilled player.

    Then you see those guys that look the athlete up and down with that judgmental eye. Some might be totally turned off by the fact she is an athlete with the thought of her sweating and getting dirty in order to succeed at what she does. He might feel like she is too “tough” for him and she might be too domineering. Now for the other guys, the ones that ogle over the toned and muscular body with desire. These aren’t the guys that suuport the female sport, they are the ones who whistle as they see the girl walk by, they are the ones who pretend to be interested in the sport in order to get closer to her, and these are the ones that are the most repulsive to me. They don’t see the woman athlete as a skilled person who plays her heart out win or lose because its what she loves. They see her body in bikini strolling on the beach with their hearts beating out of their chest. 

       Last are the people that take women’s sports as a joke as if they weren’t as intense as male sports. Women’s sports have come a long way from when they first began; we are setting records,  making ourselves known, and competing at higher levels of intensity. This group of people believes that girls should wear dresses and be built like a string bean. The truth is…. we have built up our muscles, we wear uniforms just like the boys, and we compete because we honestly want to beat the other team down. We can play just as good as boys and that’s just how it is now days, women athletes are a breed of their own.

    Beware! These girls are athletes, not girls scared to get dirty or sweaty. <===========Softball   <=================Soccer <================Field hockey <================Basketball <=ESPN’s highlights of women’s plays







One Response to “The Woman Athlete”

  1. tscott3 says:

    I’ve played a sport every season from the age of 7 to 18 I can relate. Ive grown up with four brothers (who happen to be lax bros themselves) constantly bash on girls lacrosse. At one point its totally wrong for them to hate the girls side of the sport but on the other hand if you think about it the rules to the game makes us seem like total wimps. “No contact”, “shooting space”, “no checking above the shoulder” and many more. I just wish girl rules could be a little more lenient and be more like guys, then they
    wouldn’t bash our sports so much.