Paying College Players

Brendan Prin and Chris Favole

A huge issue right now is whether or not college athletes should be paid. At the beginning of summer it was allegations against Ohio State Football. And know there is talk about giving University of Miami the death penalty for their infractions.  We do not believe they should be paid for several reasons. One reason is that are already being paid in the first place to attend the school in form of a scholarship. College athletes on the D-I level may receive full or partial scholarships to attend a four-year university and receive a quality education. There should not have to be any other incentive for an athlete to choose one school over another. For athletes to receive extra money to attend a school and receive extra money for playing well in a game on top of that full scholarship, when other students are paying there way through school, and supporting these athletes it is unfair. Why should their athletic ability give them extra benefits that everybody else cannot get because they were not born with god given athletics. Another reason they should not being paid is that it destroys the pureness of the game. When a person looks at professional sports it is clear that players do not play the same when the start getting paid for it with a few exceptions. The reason for why this is unclear, it could be due to that they just could not make an adjustment to the professional system, or they stopped working out and caring about the sport because they are being paid. In professional sports there is usually one problem that makes it corrupt. Football it lately has seemed to be drunk driving and gun possession and in baseball steroids. The game no longer seems pure and it appears as if players are no loger playing just for fun like they did in college. When players in college start getting paid who knows if they are always going to give everything they have every day. Why should they when they are getting paid?

One Response to “Paying College Players”

  1. lizking17 says:

    I think that players essentially are getting paid through their scholarships and their rewards but paying more would just raise the competition and also put on more pressure and really seperate the athlete from everyone else more than they already are. Some people that have that athletic ability and drive to play DI sports but they choose a lower division school to focus on education or maybe they got an acedemic scholarship. DI athletes have a hardcore workout and practice schedule while DIII plays a a lower level but still very competitive and fun. I could’ve played at a DI level but I chose to come to a DIII school because sports isn’t my furute, these athletes want their sport to play a big role in their life and they take it very seriously. They definately don’t stop working out, as the level of play increases the workouts usually intensify. Also, I don’t see the pros slacking off. They have to work for their money and they got those contracts for a reason not just because they “slacked off”