Does Tebow Have A Shot At MVP?

December 16th, 2011

By: Steve Silverthorne

The legend of Tim Tebow continues to grow.   For three quarters in last Sundays win, Tebow was awful, completing just 3 of 16 passes with an interception.  However, once that fourth quarter hits, Tebow becomes magical.  In the fourth quarter and overtime, Tebow
was 18 of 24 for 191 yards and a touchdown as the Broncos stormed back to beat
the Bears 13-10.  The win gave the Broncos a one game lead in the AFC West,
while effectively driving a stake into the Bears playoff hopes.

Aaron Rodgers has gotten most of the MVP hype and deservedly so.  The Packers rolled Oakland today and improved to 13-0.  Green Bay is running like a well-oiled machine, so it
will be shocking if he is not named the MVP.  However, does Tebow have a
legitimate chance to win the MVP?

The Broncos are 7-1 with him starting after starting 1-4 without him.  The team believes in him and that might be his biggest asset.  The defense looked uninspired with Kyle Orton leading the way. With Tebow, they have turned into a ferocious unit, led by defensive ends Elvis Dumervil and probable Defensive Rookie of the Year Von Miller.

Tebow certainly didn’t win Sunday’s game by himself.  Matt Prater nailed two 50+ yard field goals and the defense came up with a huge fumble with the Bears driving in overtime.  However, the team has shown no quit with Tebow as the leader.  The running game has improved immensely with Willis McGahee and Tebow running the option, while Tebow is making the throws when they count.

Remember, the MVP race has nothing to do with who is the best player.  Aaron Rodgers would destroy Tebow in almost any quarterbacking competition.  That doesn’t mean Tebow isn’t a MVP candidate.  The Packers would probably be a playoff team with Matt Flynn leading the way.  The Broncos were obviously not with QBs not named Tebow.

I’ve been a big Tebow hater, but I’m coming around.  Tebow won’t win the MVP, but he should secure some votes.  The V stands for valuable and Tebow has certainly shown he’s one of the most valuable players in the league.

Clippers Are No Longer NBA Joke

December 16th, 2011

By: Steve Silverthorne

The Clippers are recognized as one of the biggest jokes of a franchise in
sports. They’ve only had four playoff seasons since moving to LA, and that’s in
a league where 16 of 30 teams make the postseason. Their draft picks often are
busts, and the ones that aren’t get injured. Blake Griffin even
suffered from the curse when he hurt his knee and missed his rookie season. He’s
well aware of the franchise’s reputation, but he says the Chris
Paul trade changes that.

“The only thing I’m going to promise is that you’re going to get our best
every night,” Griffin said from practice Thursday. “When you hear the Clippers,
it’s not going to be a joke anymore. I can guarantee that.”

The Clippers have only had two winning seasons since moving to LA. Two.
That’s a big guarantee for Griffin to make, but with the roster they have put
together, it would be a disappointment if they didn’t reach the postseason the
next two years. If they achieve success, the question is whether they can
sustain it.

Tebow Impossible To Hate

December 16th, 2011

By: Steve Silverthorne

If you somehow still hate Tim Tebow watch this video of him mic’d up this past weekend against the Chicago Bears and it will change your mind.  He is seriously the smartest guy around.  Maybe not smart in a Tom Brady kind of way, but the smartest motivator for sure.  This clip of Tebow from last weekend is awesome.  It shows them trailing by 10 to the Bears with 4:34 left on the clock.  Tebow keeps everyone’s heads up and even tells Demaryuis Thomas to keep his head up after he missed a catch, because he’s about to catch the game winner.  It shows the quarterback singing gospel music in pregame warm ups, and possibly the funniest part of the video is after Marion Barer fumbled the ball in overtime and Tebow is making his way back onto the field.  You can faintly hear him singing while walking back onto the field to engineer the game winning drive “You came from heaven to earth.” Tebow is a beast! The link is below.

Kobe Says Clippers are More Exciting than Lakers in 2012

December 16th, 2011

By:Steve Silverthorne

Kobe  Bryant is a legend in the game and probably still one of the top five players in the NBA. This doesn’t change how he views other players though.  The man tells it like it is.  He talks about how he likes Chris Paul and Blake Griffin as players and agrees the Clippers are a more exciting team than the Lakers this year.  He does however like the rings on his fingers (five so far).  At this point he has earned the right to say whatever he wants, but the popular opinion is the Lakers are far from a championship contender this year.  Although they still have a slight glimmer of hope in acquiring Dwight Howard.

Syracuse Sex Abuse Scandal

December 16th, 2011

By: Steve Silverthorne

Two of the three men who claim to have been sexually abused by former  Syracuse assistant Bernie Fine tell ESPN they are preparing a defamation lawsuit  against Syracuse University and coach Jim Boeheim.

Bobby Davis and Mike Lang, the first two alleged victims in the Fine  molestation case, have hired renowned lawyer Gloria Allred to represent them in  this matter. Allred made the lawsuit public Tuesday at a news conference in New  York City, saying her clients have filed suit in New York State Supreme Court.

    After Davis and Lang went public with their allegations against Fine,  claiming each had been molested at various times in the 1980s and early ’90s,  Boeheim called the two “liars” and claimed their only motive was money


Silent Night Game

December 16th, 2011

Of all the incredible traditions in college basketball, Taylor University’s annual “Silent Night” has to be one of the most original.

The gym packed with tons of students, staff and family remain dead silent in the stands until Taylor’s team scored their 10th point. After this 10th point is scored the stands erupt screaming, cheering, and yelling as if they had just won the national championship. The coach of Taylor’s team states that threr is so much pressure on the players to score those first 10 points due to the uniquenesss of the silence.

Taylor hosts the “Silent Night” game every year on the Friday before fall semester finals week begins. Students afterward attend a campus wide Christmas party where they eat cookies, listen to the school president read a Christmas story, compete in gingerbread house and cookie-decorating competitions, and watch kids from the community tell Santa what gifts they want.

This has become one of the athletic departments biggest events due to the amount of participation from the students. It has become one if the things that is considered a “cannot miss event”. In past years students have dressed up in costumes to further make the night special and more fun.

In the waning moments of the victory, the entire Taylor crowd stood and sang the Christmas song “Silent Night” unison.

It may not be as big of a game as Duke-Maryland or North Carolina rivalries but as far as traditions go it doesn’t get much better than this.


Xavier and Cincinnati Brawl!

December 15th, 2011



Religion or Not Leave the Kid Alone

December 15th, 2011

Ever since we were kids we were taught to never talk about politics and religion outside of the privacy of our homes.  The people that do are ridiculed and made out to be religious freaks or traitors.  So what do we do with a quarterback in the NFL who openly displays his thanks and praise for God during every interview, game and aspect of his life?  He becomes the most controversial quarterback in the history of the NFL.  Say what you want about Tim Tebow but regardless of his religious beliefs he is one of the most promising young quarterbacks in the league and has no where to go but up.

Tragedy to Miracle

December 15th, 2011
 One of the major struggles involved with being an athlete is having to overcome a major injury, especially when it can have a complete halt on the ability to play. Now mix the adversity of an injury with the media constantly poking into the process and questioning the athlete’s ability to recover completely. Charlie Davies, a 25 year old an American professional soccer player, handle all that pressure and more when he was involved in a fatal car accident in October of 2009. The accident left one dead and left Davies with life threatening injuries; at the time it was about survival, playing again was out of the picture. What attracted the media to this already largely followed story line was the question of the involvement of alcohol in this car accident. Davies had just played a large influential role in helping the USA men’s national team qualify for the 2010 World Cup. After the occurrence of the accident the media started to suggest the involvement in alcohol in the crash; sources started to speculate that Davies was out late celebrating his team’s recent qualification before he was involved in the crash on the George Washington Parkway.
The media always chooses to single out those who involve themselves in incidents in hopes that the message that drinking and driving or other illegal sorts of activity are hazardous to not only the individual’s life but also the people around them. However, rarely does the media take time after the athlete is singled out to show how they have changed their life in a more positive way. Davies is an example of how such a tragic occurrence can be turned around into a story of overcoming struggles and facing fears head on. Davies’ car accident grabbed the media of every media outlet across the country and even overseas where he was playing professionally at the time. Those of the media exploited Davies for the severity of the incident and the poor decisions that were made earlier in the evening that led to the accident. All sorts of people started to criticize his actions and many voiced their negative opinion, while only true fans stood by him in hopes that he would make the full recovery and be able to rejoin not only his club team but also the national team.
Davies managed to make a recovery from these life threatening injuries and although it was an extremely long and grueling process he was able to make a return to the field. He refused to stop at just being able to kick a ball around again, he was determined to get called up to the national team again. Davies then made a deal to be loaned from his European team to D.C. United who is one of the Major League Soccer teams based in Washington, D.C. His goal by transferring to a team in America was to be able to get back out on the field and playing instead of spending great amount of times either sitting on the bench or participating in reserve games. When he arrived with United he made an instant impact on the field, posing a serious threat to opposing teams by being able to find the back of the net on multiple occasions this season. Although Charlie was so beneficial to his team this season he has still yet to receive a national team call-up which was due more to minor injuries sustained in games this year. Davies struggled in the latter half of the year but still made so much noticeable progress since his accident that he came in second for comeback of the year behind David Beckham who suffered a torn Achilles and is almost at the end of his playing career.
Davies today has become a role model for much of the US youth who have followed his story of struggle and triumph and have their own stories that helps them relate to him. Even the media has taken time to recognize the leaps and bounds that Davies has made in turning his life around since this tragic accident that took place over two years ago. He has become a true inspiration to those who have reached a point in their life that they don’t believe they can overcome. Charlie has also helped others who have been involved in accidents that involve alcohol induced driving deaths realize that life can continue on after the incident. He has proved that something of that nature can become an inspiration to be better and never settle for less than the highest achievable outcome. Davies has truly turned a horrible situation into something so inspirational to all, even with the questioning of the media.

Leaving College Early for Pro Career

December 15th, 2011

Oregon running back has decided to forgo his senior season to begin his career as an NFL running back, sources say. He was a Heisman Trophy finalist his sophomore year and had another successful season this year.

LaMichael James

Many athletes that play college football and basketball decide to leave college early to begin their professional careers. I personally have no problem with athletes leaving school early, especially if they skilled enough and are in line to make millions of dollars through their contracts and endorsement deals. However, it is nice to see athletes who go back to school to get their degree. I agree with the NFL and NCAA rules for college football players having to stay in school for at least two years. College basketball players only have to be out of high school for one year. I believe this disrupts college basketball with too many “one-and-done” players. Players should be able to go pro right out of high school or have to stay in school at least two years like football. The NCAA should consider changes.